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全国の経済産業局が「優れたクールジャパン商品」を選定し、世界のショーウインドウであるパリの実店舗での常設展示やテストマーケティングを行う海外支援プロジェクト。この度、〈神戸派計画〉が日本代表のブランドの一つとして出品させていただくことになりました。フランス パリの中心地、オペラのショールーム「maison wa(メゾン・ワ)」で1年間の展示販売を行っています。

recto stylenotepad with a choice of grid sizes
Now recto is available with a stylish hard cover.
The lineup comes in 3 mm, 4 mm, and 5 mm. Choose your grid.

Fountain Pen Stationery

Design : Jin Sugahara

SUITOfor those who like writing clearly with their fountain pens
This absorbent paper transforms wiping extra ink from the pen nib into a beautiful gesture.
2015 Japan Stationery of the Year – Functionality Grand Prix

GRAPHILOfor those who like to write big and wet with their fountain pens
Original paper made just for fountain pens.
Loved for its comfortable writing experience, clear edges, and beautiful color reproduction.

CIRO+White ruled paper made just for fountain pens.
White paper with white lines. This stationery is for fountain pen users who often look back over what they have written, for a beautiful reading experience.

Daily Use Stationery

Design : Jin Sugahara

orissifoldable checklist
A memo pad for writing shopping lists.
Fold the pointed tabs, and check what has yet to be done.
2012 Good Design Award winning product.

iiroa notebook for enjoying color
Developing new variations to eventually reach 100 colors!
The ruled lines are the same color as the lines on the cover, and printed with the same ink. This notebook opens 180 degrees flat.

rectonotepad with a choice of grid sizes
We made eight variations, from 1 mm to 8 mm.
Have fun finding the best grid for you.

memota colorful memo pad
The KOBEHA Keikaku “ordinary memo pad” is the little brother to orissi.
Used together, they will make your lifestyle bright and colorful.

CIROwhite ruled notebook
100% pure white!
For everyday use with a ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil. A notebook with white ruled lines for a beautiful reading experience.

Postal Stationery

Design : Jin Sugahara

nuinosewn paper envelope
“Bonds between people” is the concept behind the nuino design.
Sewn carefully by hand, one at a time.

nuino greeting cardsewn paper cards
A card to give a special message of gratitude to a special person.
These cards are sewn together, like the envelopes.

KOBEHA envelope(Envelopes for beautiful wrapping)
If an envelope is used as a form of packaging, there is no need to write an address.
Wrap something in stripes or dots, and deliver it by hand.

KOBEHA envelope(Envelopes for beautiful writing)
If an envelope is going to be sent in the post, it’s a sign of respect to write the address beautifully.
An envelope with a 5 mm square grid and dot grid.

KOBEHA letter set
Four types of KOBEHA envelopes made into sets with matching letter paper.
Enjoy new ways of sending messages.

KOBEHA leather

Design : Jin Sugahara

KOBEHA roll pen trayA pen tray for beautiful gestures
Roll it up for a pen case. Fold it for a pen tray.
A single piece of sheep suede brings beauty to the user’s gestures.

KOBEHA roll card caseA business card case for beautiful gestures
This business card case reflects Japan’s culture of wrapping.
Elegantly retrieve a card and present it, then display the newly received card on top of the case.

Lifestyle Design

Design : Jin Sugahara

KOBEHA infowoodAnalog Information Station
Natural wood of varying thicknesses were laminated together to create this product.
We found a way to bring together the memos scattered on your desktop.

OUDÉ craftwork

Design : Daiwa Shuppan Printing Co., Ltd.+Craft Artisan

OUDÉ desktop organizer
This desktop organiser created together with a wood artisan allows the parts to be rearranged according to individual

OUDÉ stamping mat
This leather stamp mat allows the stamp to sink in slowly, resulting in a crisp, beautiful impression.

OUDÉ square leather cover
Limited edition leather cover created for our original square diary.